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2020-11-23T16:05 [writing/fragment writing/story age/university]

Just To Pass The Time

The hammer spun towards the window, the centrifugal force bouncing the sun’s rays as water from paddles, and the glass, also as water, cascaded down the walls of the old shoe factory.

Jessie Collins didn’t know what he had just done. He thought that he was just passing the time —no one cares about a window, no one cares about the old shoe factory, no one even cares about shoes anymore— but the moment metal hit window, alarms tripped and television monitors blinked on, revealing the incident to the entire security staff. Old eyes gaped open wide as the smart-camera’s 1000-frames/second view gave them the hammer’s trajectory, momentum, and predicted impact information. 0.34 meters and 3425 frames later, the hammer hit the impact site.

J. Heissler, the senior officer on duty, we reminded of the ancient tales

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