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2020-11-23T16:08 [writing/fragment writing/story age/highschool]

Toni Theo

Toni gave the taxicab the finger, fully erect and waving. She wasn’t too happy to use this gesture on someone with whom she really didn’t know anything about (really), but life sometimes makes silly. She figured she might as well make the best of things and fully enjoyed the taxicab driver’s face as he speed away…leaving her to her own.

The docks weren’t that great of a place, but Toni didn’t have many options. Within a few minutes, she didn’t find anybody, and she assumed that the place was deserted. She checked the front of the index card in her brown leather purse: “The Docks. 8:00pm. Alone.” Sighing, she sat down to wait…

After a bit of waiting, she decided to check her Timex. It clearly stated 9:46pm. This made Toni, at best, irritated. She knew these guys were big time, and big time usually includes punctuality, right? She was awash with emotive thoughts: some of them concluded that the guys were hacked, some believed they were testing/toying with her, and still yet another realized that her watch was on Eastern Timex, and that the guys were probably on Mountain time. That left her to be and hour and fourteen minutes early, as opposed to them being an hour and forty six minutes late. She sat down near one of those horrible boxes again, and waited more…

‘Okay,’ Toni said to herself, ‘now I am officially at three hours, and they haven’t shown. I didn’t come here to get pneumonia’. At this point in time she had given to withdrawing her arms into her blouse to keep her upper body warm. She really wanted to take off her high-heels but she feared frostbite, and with no one to help her, she would not be happy about that. Just when she was about to give up waiting, a car appeared– the fog enshrouded it at first, but it turned out to be a silver hatchback, which is what she was told to look for on the back of the index card: “Hatchback. Silver. Four men.” The four men opened the car doors, removed themselves from the vehicle, and slammed them shut; very much like they were in a film about gangsters. They all approached Toni in an overly-coordinated linear formation, and their faces were set to “intimidation” mode.

The intimidation didn’t remotely work. “Hey, jackasses! My Timex says 11:00 Eastern Time! You were supposed to be here an hour ago!”

The bald one (farthest to Toni’s left) looked at his Rolex, “My watch says 8:00. We ain’t an hour late, lady.”

Suddenly, the blonde, wavy-haired one (to the immediate right of Rolex Baldie) poked the Rolex with his index finger, “Wait! Ain’t we on Pacific Time?” To this remark Rolex Baldie’s face crumpled like an insect slammed together by heavy Bibles. A self-served slap in the face completed this effect.

“You mean to tell Toni Theo that you guys were on the wrong time too?”


Toni “Theo” Ryans: Is she crazy? Why does she think she is a god? Is she? We won’t ever officially know, but this question is the driving force of her character. She believes she is a god, therefore she can do anything she wants, including killing any normal human, and cursing anyone she needs dead.

The Finger: The curse Toni uses to kill others.

Gregg Chesterfield: Crime lord that Toni conflicts with. Toni believes that Gregg is a god too. What if she is right?