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Monday 02 May 2005

A+ Journals for Sam Hatfield in the Fourth Hour, to be turned in to Mrs. Ruether


Inkheart is a book that I found in the classroom. It was a good book in my opinion, although I missed out on the class activities.


Because there are no more interesting books to read, I have to pay attention to the class. Darn


The class is now starting on Tom Sawyer, and doing an end-of-the-year project on it.


I started reading Tom Sawyer during reading time. I am greatly reminded why it is a good book.


I read aloud out of Tom Sawyer today. After I finished, everyone thought I should read aloud more often


I read aloud again. All the kids were saying “I wish I could read like that!”


If reading is boring, why don’t they make it interesting to read with excitement.


Class discussion today. Went rather well, everyone participated. It was nice.


Class discussion again. Didn’t go well at all. Very disruptive behavior.


The seating arrangment changed a little while ago. The students that sat away from the teacher were the bad ones again, even though the people were different.


The reason why the above occurs because the students believe the further away they are from the teacher, the further away they are from disipline. Unfortunately, this sometimes is the case


I have now observed several times Mrs. Dierking yelling at the students and threating them. No respose.


I think that Mrs. Dierking should just do what she is threatening, just to shake things up.


These kids are reminding me of me in middle school, only worse. Frightening


I hope I don’t have to do a final writing/fragment assignment on this. Exempt if possible.


What I have learned:

  1. The school system we have needs major revision
  2. Kids imposed in this system either do what they are told or find ways around it
  3. I am never going to teach people younger than me
  4. I am glad I am graduating this year
  5. The school system we have needs major revision