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2020-11-23T18:10 [writing/homework age/highschool] CERTIFIED MAIL

September 2, 2004


Mr. Rellyboring

Newspaper Dude

Post Dispatch

45^th^ Street

Union, MO 63084

Dear Mr. Rellyboring:

Subject: UHS calendar

Recently, I was in a room full of monkeys, and I realized that the Union R-XI School District needed to publish a calendar in the Post Dispatch. Brilliance! So, here I am, writing to you to ask if you could do that for us.

Union R-XI School District is a district for the people, for the students, and for the furtherment of education in our area. It is also a place for extra-curricular activities, which a cleverly designed to keep the students at school. Isn’t it grand?

Enclosed in this letter, I have sent you not only a calendar, but also a banana. Or you can look at the calendar on our website:


Mr. Benjamin Stupidbutte


Union R-XI School District

1217 Main Street, 54^th^ Floor

Union, MO 63084



Copy to: Mr. Charles Weirdguy, CEO