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2020-11-23T14:58 [writing/fragment adulthood]

Saturday 28 Dec 2019

They were the first ones to see the coming doom, and they were all for it. They of course being the ones who also caused it. They were the ender daemons, and they were just doing their jobs.

It was this world’s time. The celestial experiement had to end at some point. But then, they got a notice to keep THIS one running. Why? No answer. So they let it run. They kept getting conflicting reports from beyond about when to end this experiment. Should it go now? No, let it run for a few hundred more cycles. How about now? No, now it’s getting interesting.

They decided to visit their experiment, noncorporeally of course. What they found would astound those running the experiment, and those beyond them. Their experiment had produced life, in multiple places. What would happen when the life met itself?

When the first interlife war was declared, the experiment was deemed a worthy failure, and the end of the first war was the end of the universe it existed in.

Maybe next time this happens, it’d turn out differently?45555555555