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2020-11-24T13:57 [writing/novels/jilro age/highschool]

Chapter 2

The park was particularly sunny that day. It had been overcast for the past week, with the meterologists calling for scattered showers, and at one point in time, golfball sized hail. However, nothing of these miniweather disasters came to pass, and all was peaceful in the city.

The city park was bursting with energy, despite the less than warm as it usually is in summer temperatures. A few families, waiting for the sun to appear, decided, what the hell, it was time for a little bit of outside rest and relaxation, and decided to have what the park-goers collectively decided to call the event an “overcast picnic.”

The children of a particularly boring middle-aged couple– the kind of couple that shouldn’t be having kids this late in their lives, but hey, her doctor told her that she could have them, and they’d been married a few times before with no children, so why not? Having youth around keeps you youthful, so why not pop out a few? We’ve got enough money. Who cares what the people at work say?– were playing frisbee with an incredibly shaggy dog.

This dog was pretty shaggy. The shags go down to the ground off of his legs, and the shaggy hair covered the eyes pretty regularly. In those types of dogs, you never know how they see anything, or even if they’re looking. This dog seemed to want to chase the frisbee being thrown pretty readily though. It had a lot of energy. The kids kept calling the dog “he” because the nametag on the collar said “Luc”.

While Luc was playing with those kids, Jill was Contemplating the newspaper.