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2020-11-23T20:00 [writing/poetry writing/homework age/university]

Zombification and True Love

My love hungers after me,
to Sally I’ll always return.
“Stolen, my Heart!” Freely
we love each other; I and she
gouge ourselves, each in turn
Our love hungers after we!

Now, from the undead we try to flee;
for safety we truly yearn,
“Swollen, my Heart!” Free
from the undead I wish to be.
Sally got attacked! Now I learn
my love’s hunger’s after me!

I’m being attacked by my dear, sweet Sally
the blood pours as from a cistern.
Stolen, my Heart! Free
from my ribcage as an osprey.
Is it that bad? Pain no longer burn;
My love, hunger is after me
Steal a heart, dinner’s free!