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2020-11-24T13:33 [writing/story writing/homework age/highschool]

The Journey through the Woods

Written by:

Samuel Hatfield

It was late in the evening when I drove down the forest trail. To be sure, the trail was just large enough for a car, but only just. I don’t exactly remember when I was driving, or even why. I simply remember I was driving. And I was driving fast, maybe faster than the legal speed limit. I don’t remember the exact speed I was driving, but that isn’t important for the time being. The point is that I was driving too fast and hit a speed bump at alarming velocity. Now that I’m recalling this story, I seem to have forgotten many things of late.

Before I had left, I had filled my fuel tank for my vehicle in sufficient amounts, but strangely enough, my car broke down. Upon further investigation, I realized that the fuel line below the car had snapped. After swearing to myself, I presented to myself two options: either walk down the road from whence you came, and take long hours to get home, or, take the short route through a forest trail you know very well and use the car’s dashboard compass to be your guide. In the short mental debating that followed, the shortcut was deemed as the better of the two.

So my journey began, in the dark, and maybe cold, night. I began my tread through the woods as I had done many times before. My compass was in my left hand, and my flashlight was in the other. I walked by many different subtle landmarks, even though I can’t remember what they where now. After a few minutes, the landmarks became less abundant, and new, stranger images lurked in the increasing shadows. I walked on further, and I suppose ancient fears began creeping within my subconscious. Mere shadows became flits of knives. My fear began to increase, as soon those knives became sharper, and colder. I had to stop walking for a moment to stop my imagination from amplifying every branch into a sharp spear.

I had started walking again when I saw a familiar ravine. Once when I was younger, I had climbed down this ravine with great difficulty. The ravine’s surface was craggy and moss-covered, which expounded the difficulty of navigating it. I peered down into the darkness and my memories flooded my mind, with all the bumps and bruises I accumulated, and all of the shouts of encouragement from my peers…

And I dropped the compass into the ravine. While I was reminiscing, I also must have been drowsy enough to relax my muscles, releasing the compass to fall to its destruction. Most of my hope was destroyed with it, for my assurance depended on that compass to guide me through the forest. So I proceeded with an increase of scimitars and morning stars flashing in my dark imagination. I resolved to walk in an impossibly strait line through the forest; this would increase my chances of walking in the direction I should go in. My journey was strait for the most part, but trees don’t grow in nice rows. If I followed my path correctly, I would come across the main highway that would lead to my salvation. I stumbled through the darkness and the weapons—oh, the weapons! I couldn’t bear it; not for very much longer…and what’s this?! A comet, streaking towards me!!

At that point in time, I found myself in hospital, severely injured, bodily and mentally, from car collision.