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2020-11-23T17:54 [writing/homework age/highschool]

A+ Assignment 2

A+ 4th hour

Mrs Reuther

In this installment of A+ homework, we were asked to interview people, but as opposed to last time, we weren’t supposed to interview teachers; we could interview anybody else. So I will do my best in the portrayal of the three people I interviewed.

The first person I interviewed is one of the most popular guys in the high school, Joe Bielicke, AKA Joe the Janitor. For 15 years, from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., he has been working as a custodian, cleaning the school and making sure it is a safe environment for the children here. The children are the main reason why Joe even likes his job; the odd relationships he forms, the little bits of laughter that he causes, are what it’s all about. If it were not for these young folk, he probably would quit, for being a janitor is a thankless job. Even if it is thankless, it’s a steady job, and according to Joe, a good working environment, and is very important to the functioning of the school.

The interview the second: Vicki Schell, high school secretary for 6 years. The reason why she likes her job is the students, the coworkers, and the everyday tasks (she says are often interesting, even completely new sometimes!) These everyday tasks are very important to the functioning of this school; as a secretary to the school, she must fill out, file, and process all the paperwork of the entire building. Naturally, when there are hundreds of people wanting to file stacks of papers everyday, these tasks can be quite overwhelming. Working from 8-4 every school, and sometimes more, she can be swamped with paper work, and these are her least favorite times

Last but not least, Ralph Sellers, not only a teacher here at UHS, he is also Technology Support Specialist for the district, and he has held this position for 5 years. Mr. Sellers likes his job because “The chance to interact with a variety of people” and “having many different computer environments to work with”. He doesn’t like the long drive from Cuba, MO, as none of us would. He chose a school environment because the differing information technologies insure that he will never be mentally un-stimulated. His duties are maintaining and upgrading the computers in the offices, labs, and classrooms of the district. He also trains people in these procedures. He holds a 12-month contract.

Three non-teachers, all different, but essentially the same, because they all work at a school. It commands much work and dedication to our country’s young people to be able to survive in this environment. And so, with my oh-so-wonderful paper writing skills, I will close this by saying: I think that these people are very necessary to the school’s functioning because, well, they just are.