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2020-11-23T15:02 [writing/fragment adulthood]

Wednesday 01 Jan 2020

So, I started out this morning thinking that I was going to write a fragmentary short story like I’ve been doing, but I think that sometimes it should be okay for me to just do diarize as well.

This is the start of a new decade: is it going to be better than the last one?? I don’t know. I never had much truck with calendrical stuff like this before. I’ve been far too cynical about it in the past.

I think that my goal for this decade is to finally come into my own, with freelancing and writing/fragment and everything. I want no masters but myself, and I must be a good stewart of my own destiny. I know this all sounds like horseshit, it’s 5:27 right now and I’m not running at full speed here.

One thing I was thinking about yesterday was how much I want to be an author. It is the overridding desire right now. And if I am to do a master’s degree, I’m going to write a book as a thesis. That is both exciting and scary at the same time, that possibility. What would the book be about??? I have no clue. I imagine that the genre-esque ideas I have could very well be rejected out of hand. I could try to do some kind of magical realism, but I’d need to read a LOT of that in order to be able to do it properly. The appeal of the magical realism is that I’d take an idea and go all in on it, a full exploration of the narrative consequences of the magical reality that I’d create. I kinda like the idea of doing something about cosmic doorways appearing just as normal doors (or at least, normalish doors) kinda like in Monsters Inc or the doorways in Minecraft.

Like, what if the doors had to be made out of a particular species of tree, and that tree was threatened by climate change? Or, if not a tree, then what about a certain material? Is that material going to be super rare, and therefore the world economy is shaped by the extraction of that particular mineral? When were the doorways discovered?

The project would neccessitate creating an entirely different book as a “fictional encyclopedia” of the new physics, or a real encyclopedia of uses of magical gateways in fiction in general