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2020-11-23T14:55 [writing/fragment year-of-desperation]

Saturday 29 Jan 2011

This is the freewriting/fragment for Friday and I;m spending the thridd day in a row with aan and we are having a homework date at mokabees and I’m going to sppend the first timed rrfreewrite here. I’m going for 65 mintues 5 mintues and I’m trying to typeas fast as I can onlyt worritng about sepeed not nceccessaryitly about typeos. Hiplyy that you will undertssaqtnd twhy tthis wont’ by able to read this later I’m going to ype my haredrt about thisngs that reach my mind. I haven’t been writing/fragment recently tahd that andd that is going to be a problem for my carrerrer if I gondd don’t get on itt. My stime as been spent on SWSE and so that’s taking a lot of my creative kefferots also the Corlro RPG stytem as been taking some of my time as well. I hop theat kmaybwe I could market that “market” of course meeaning finish it enough where some people may like it enoguh to play it when I’m not aroijnd. I kinda doubt it, but If yout the sistyen is good enough by it’s own merits, it’ll be accepted in to the wordl and I’ll be happpty.