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2020-11-23T14:38 [writing/fragment age/university]

Friday 23 Jun 2006

Today is June 23, 2006. Friday.

I have a lot of crap to do today.

I had a dream last night…

We were putting on a play for the school or something. The Sellers were there, walking around backstage and crap. There were couches behind the curtain. A big one had Phil, Adam, Frankie, and a bunch of other people. Adam threw his hands in the air and complained about Shannon. “When I was a kid, I would take this pill, and my heart would be better,” He made the gestures. Then he lifted his shirt to show strange scars. “Once, the pill didn’t work, so they injected me.” He made the gesture. “Once, both didn’t work, so they had to do it twice.” Apparently, he thought Shannon was overreacting somehow.

Then, there was the part where (we were in the Middle School) Nathan Martin was looking out the window. Down below, on the soccer field, at hundreds of different colored caps and gowns. I told him he should go down there and steal a purple one, than he could be in Pacific’s graduation. I said only if there wasn’t anyone down there. We looked; at first it seemed deserted, but then, looking closer, there were teachers strolling around the field.

A football player suddenly threw a football to another kid on the field. The began to fight, and teachers were thrown in to stop the fight, and soon the whole left field was a battlefield of black mud. Nathan proclaimed he was going down there. And he did, and I was worried that he had gotten killed or hurt or something. Oh well. Weird dream. I think I saw the Washington’s track team while driving to the school. Anyway. Lots of weird crap.

Okay, so I have a lot to do today.

I have to:

  • Pack
    • Bathing suit
    • toiletries
    • Money
    • Camera/ALL memory cards
    • Cell Phone
    • 3 ring notebook ?
    • Talent Show::: tie, button up shirt, paper, make name tag things, goofy pen, look over lines, CRAP
    • Go to Wal-Mart
    • Fill out the paper work
    • Bring Money
    • Cash that check
    • Write Liz
    • E-mail grandma
    • Get all camera crap
    • Get ready to go to Erika’s
    • Do all the Talent show crap
    • Sewing kit