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2020-11-24T13:53 [writing/novels/jilro age/highschool]

Ellian Roe Passage

Her introspection, rather, her extrospection, was quickly interrupted.

“What’s a Mukrith D’lor?” she asked of the stranger in rags and bits of window.

Her answer came more violently than explanation; it came by example. And when Ellis’s door was kicked down, she let out a terrific scream.

Then it spoke, in a harsh, burbling tone.* *

“I am sorry to be interrupting social time, but High Lord Sk’hir Leon would like to know if you could chance a visit.”

The man in black rags drew his sword. Oh, what a good sword it was! Allow me to describe the weapon to you. The design of this sword is slightly similar to that of Earth’s, but with slight differences. The hilt had finger holes, much like brass knuckles, that were used to give the wielder a firmer grip. The blade was variant of the double edge model. One edge was similar to that of an Earth sword, a sharp wedge. The other edge more or less resembled a carpenter’s saw, yet it was marked with several layers of serrations.

Back to the action, Ellis could somehow feel the ragged man’s utter contempt for the creature before him. His lip curled. The Mukrith D’lor then sneered back at the man and his sword.

“Ah, Rykaa, the great defender of weaklings. How marvelous. Now I get to kill you and take the girl to be imprisoned.” The two, Rykaa and the Mukrith D’lor, then began to circle on another, their minds bent on the other’s destruction.

At this point in the story, I realize I have not adequately described the bedroom in which the action is currently centered around. Ellis’s room’s threshold for visitors was about five heavily built people, with room for a ferret. At one point Ellis had a ferret, but that isn’t important now. The room was furbished with a computer in one corner, a single size bed along an adjacent wall, and a bookshelf neighboring the bed, within it Ellis’s personal library of fiction and dreams of Earthly escape.

The bookshelf, the stronghold of Ellis’s world. In this collection of wood products and book binding materials Ellis’s fantasies lived and breathed with unmitigated vigor. It was here that Ellis tamed the untamable unicorn and dragon, where she stood victorious over a necromancer that she had slew. It was here that Ellis wished with all of her will that she could escape from the world she knew; a world so monotonous and filled with derf {Note: According to Sir James Murray’s New English Dictionary (1897), derf means “Trouble, tribulation, hurt; from deorfan, to labour; apparently shortened from Old English gedorf“.}* that she couldn’t stand it anymore. And not only that, but the world she knew outside of hers was one filled with apathy, narcissism, and slaughter. *

Sorry about that, I went off in a tangent. The room was very small, and not spacious enough to contain the fight. Ellis’s thoughts turned to the evident oblivion that was to take place, and to her mother, who was away at the moment.

Mrs. Elizabeth Margaret Roe was shopping for groceries in the local town market for victuals, curtains, and reeds for Ellis’s clarinet. The exposition you need to know for Mrs. Roe at this moment is that she was concerned about Ellis’s social behavior. The anomaly she witnessed was the fact that Ellis didn’t go out much. She never went to parties,