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2020-11-23T16:06 [writing/fragment writing/story age/highschool]

Magic Sea

“Some of the high points in me life was the time that I was on the Sea of J’thi, and what a great sea that was! When I was a traveler every single port on that ocean was friendly and safe.”

“Why were they so safe?”

“Because the protection of the Gratic Armada was heavily pressed upon them! Criminals couldn’t slip into that place! Do you know about the famous Gratic Navy?”

“Only minimally. I have heard that they had eyes everywhere, and they had horrible tortures that their prisoners endured.” “Ah, that be possible true. Their tortures were very bad, except for certain people. You see, the Gratic way of punishment follows as this: They strap them into a mental reality distortion device, and they cause illusions within the victim’s mind. The fabrication created thusly allows the person to view how their lives could be if they lived for a thousand years…in prison.”

“What of the eyes being everywhere? Did they have spies on constant alert?” “Oh, the real reason is much better than that. The Gratic people live in the water, correct? They developed a magic that allowed them to observe everything in the water.” “Everything in the water? Their entire land? I can see how that works now. Do you know their technique?”

“No, I don’t. I do know that they required a collection of people projecting the enchantment over the long distances. If you were able to learn this magic, you would see the entire ocean.”