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2020-11-23T18:28 [writing/homework age/university] Typo Blog Proposal

Sam Hatfield

English 3150

21 April 2010

Final Project Proposal for:

Typo, the Blog

The blog will be an exploration of re-utilizing older forms of manifesting ideas onto a page. In this blog, I’m going to use the typewriter as a vehicle for this exploration.

The idea of a typewriter blog isn’t new…but the thing that I hope to achieve is to fully embrace the possibilities of older and newer methods, and their fusion into something different, rather than live an “analog lifestyle” that many of these others claim to do.

The main graphic that I’m going to use on my blog is, naturally, page scans of typewritten material. Embedding hyperlinks into the resulting page scans, or around it, is going to be a challenge, but some experimentation should solve the problem.

Five blog post proposals:

  1. First encounter with the typewriter that will the principal instrument of the blog, a Smith Corona electronic typewriter.
  2. Other typewriter experiences. Three of my close friends have typewriters of varying sophistication. I shall physically use them to create the posts.
  3. A visit to Jones Typewriter Company, a typewriter shop on Manchester road. This would be worth many posts.
  4. Typing in public, both alone and in a group with my other typewriter friends. Report on experiences with people.
  5. A discussion on the difference between using a typewriter and a computer, with stream-of-conscious approach.