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* Meta :noexport:
** history of file
I've been writing and rewriting resumes and my CV for a long time, pretty much
since I've been working in tech starting in 2014. My hope is that this becomes
the source of truth for job applications, resumes, and my own memory going
However, I'm not going to add it all at once. This was a mistake from previous
attempts. Instead, I'm just going to add info here as I need it, and
hopefully, any jobs I'm going to get in the future I can add as I go along.
Here's hoping anyway.
** my plan
My plan is to create a set of elisp functions that preprocess the headlines
and property drawers within the document into a single PDF or HTML document.
The dream is to have top-level functions that generate different files based
on my needs, like having a =resume= function that generates a document that
includes the last three positions/projects and professional references that
are related and not include unrelated work that has happened more recently.
Another option is to use Pandoc filters to get what I want
* Skills :tech:
** Programming
*** Python
*** Javascript
*** Go
*** Java
*** Perl
*** Scala
** Web Development
*** RESTful APIs (e.g. swagger)
*** Bootstrap
*** MVC architecture
** Databases
*** MySQL/MariaDB
*** PostgreSQL
*** Cassandra
** DevOps
*** Vagrant
*** Docker
*** Ansible
*** systemd
** Clouds
*** Amazon Web Services
*** Google Compute Engine
*** DigitalOcean
* Experience
** UPS :service:
:START-DATE: November 2018
:END-DATE: December 2018
:TITLE: Seasonal Driver Helper
:COMPANY: United Parcel Service (UPS)
:LOCATION: St. Louis
*** Carried packages weighing up to 70 lbs. to and from UPS delivery truck at a brisk pace
*** Followed recommended safety practices issued by UPS and my driver
*** Delivered small batches of packages independently as needed
*** Carried out additional tasks from my driver as assigned
** Monsanto :tech:
:START-DATE: June 2017
:END-DATE: September 2017
:TITLE: Full Stack Developer, FieldDrive Core
:COMPANY: Monsanto
:LOCATION: St. Louis
*** Managed AWS resources for the data pipeline for FieldDrive with Ansible
*** Implemented Java classes for swagger API endpoints
*** Implemented Angular JS (1.x) components for those API clients
*** Performed data cleanup and manipulation tasks in Cassandra and Spark
** CenturyLink :tech:
:START-DATE: December 2016
:END-DATE: May 2017
:TITLE: Monitoring Automation Engineer
:COMPANY: CenturyLink
:LOCATION: St. Louis
*** Improved and extended Huge, a suite of internal tools to improve efficiency of Ops
*** Programmed in Python/Django and Perl/Mojolicious in a microservices environment
*** Manage release process based in Jenkins on a rotating schedule with the team
** Asteris :tech:
:START-DATE: October 2015
:END-DATE: October 2016
:TITLE: Junior Developer
:COMPANY: Asteris, LLC
:LOCATION: St. Louis
*** Designed and implemented experimental features for Converge
*** Implemented an integration test harness for Mantl, using Travis CI and Python
*** Assisted Mantl community users to configure their clusters with Ansible
*** Led 1-3 person teams of interns and apprentices for limited projects and on-boarding
** REIBB :tech:
:START-DATE: September 2014
:END-DATE: July 2015
:TITLE: Junior Developer
:LOCATION: St. Louis
*** Implemented business automation software for REIBB users, mostly real estate investors
*** Coded 70% PHP server-side, 30% Javascript client-side, from CRUD to minimal UI
*** Utilized in-house DevOps systems to manage Wordpress infrastructure
*** Handled support tickets regarding technical issues, and occasionally made phone calls
* Education
** BA in English and Certificate of Creative Writing, UMSL, St. Louis, MO
From 2008 to 2010
** AA in English, East Central College, Union, MO
From 2005 to 2008