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<title>Sam Hatfield, Professional Generalist</title>
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<h1>Sam Hatfield, Professional Generalist</h1>
<img src="assets/profile.jpg" alt="A photo of my face, with a artsy filter applied to it" width="225px" />
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<section id="mission">
<h2>Personal Mission Statement</h2>
<p>I am a professional generalist. I use many talents and technologies to create artifacts or experiences of value. My aim is to make people happier and more empowered.</p>
<section id="summary">
<h2>What I do</h2>
<p>My day job is web developer, but I do a lot of different things on the side</p>
<section id="resume">
<p>I'm not currently looking for work right now, but for anyone who is interested, please find my <a href="resume.html">resume at this link</a>
<section id="featured-links">
<h2>Featured Links</h2>
<li><a class="no-underline" href="">My repo in the Bytes Zone</a></li>
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