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A Zettelkasten note-taking system.

Basically, lots of little notes which are linked and navigable through a consistent interface. The word is from German: Zettel for slip (of paper) and kasten for box. (TODO: check etymology if I publish this.)

The rest of this README is a demonstration of the output. Check it out at /demo in the source.


  • pick a language
  • CLI should help me create new notes or find existing ones
  • CLI should help me link to notes
    • there should be a CLI tool to search for a note by title
    • there should be editor integration to search for the note
  • CLI should keep my links up to date
  • CLI should split existing notes into new ones
  • CLI should help me find unlinked notes
  • CLI should help me browse through my notes to peruse/discover them
  • CLI should manage a reasonable split between public notes and private ones
  • CLI should query things I've written