Like grep, but uses tree-sitter grammars to search in structures instead of strings
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Works like grep, but uses tree-sitter to search for structure instead of strings.


This isn't available packaged anywhere. That's fine, use nix:

nix-env -if


Use it like grep (or really, more like ack/ag/pt/rg.)

$ tree-grepper '(import_clause (import) (upper_case_qid)@name)'

tree-grepper uses Tree-sitter's s-expressions to find matches.

The binary name might change in the future if we find a better/shorter name. Stay tuned.

Some Terrible Benchmarks

On the first possible working version of tree-grepper:

Command Mean Time (Hyperfine)
tree-grepper '(import_clause)@import' 17.2ms
rg -t elm '^import' 10.3ms
grep -rE '^import' 71.0ms

So this is on rg's level of quickness (which makes sense, as this tool uses their tree walking/gitignoring library.) This tool may get slower as we add features, or faster as I learn more about how to write good Rust.