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Brian Hicks 13f721de3e
update xbar-review-request-status
4 days ago
darwin-todo move nix-darwin config out of backup 10 months ago
dotfiles quote to appease shellcheck 6 days ago
machines add pstree to the system packages 2 weeks ago
nixos always start i3-auto-layout 8 months ago
notes move the remainder of files out of the backup 10 months ago
pkgs build this with the default node instead of pinning one 2 months ago
sample-projects add attr_reader and friends to jumper 6 days ago
vendor/auto-pairs.kak re-vendor auto-pairs.kak 9 months ago
wallpapers add Lardal Municipality wallpaper 9 months ago
.gitignore ignore result-bin 2 years ago
.gitmodules correct location for home-manager 1 year ago
flake.lock update xbar-review-request-status 4 days ago
flake.nix add xbar-review-request-status 3 weeks ago we don't need unstable nix for flakes anymore! 3 months ago